About us

Our technology, high quality products, and the preparation of the staff is the guarantee of a continuous support and coaching high profile at all stages of the contract

DB Science follows the lifeline of its products in all its steps:

  1. Customized technology: from the initial design to the final product;
  2. Flexibility: changes from the original design can be also defined during the progress of the project, in agreement with the requests of the customer and with the results of the tests performed on the unit;
  3. Mechanical design: all the mechanical parts are internally designed and made;​
  1. Design of all electronic part: amplifiers, power supplies, modulators, PCBs, cabinets, etc.;
  2. Qualified lab tests and procedures: all the units are thoroughly tested with latest-generation testing equipment;
  3. Fully compliant with all the international standards for safety and electrical specifications

Our company is very proud to be involved of the scientific community and to be part of the research and development process that happens every single day.

Designing equipment that give excellent performance, both for scientific and for broadcast application, is a challenge we face every day since 1975. we strongly believe that the quality is more than a concept: our vision is to grant the best solutions to our customers and to help them in defining the possible configuration of the customized equipment the ask to us, because each research Institute has its own project to develop and its own needs to respect. DB Science is proud to counts among its customers (in alphabetical order): CERN (Switzerland), Goethe Universität (Frankfurt), GSI (Germany), INFN (Italy), Institut de Physique Nucléaire d'Orsay (France), Inter-University Accelerator Centre (India) LPSC (France), Sincrotrone Trieste (Italy).